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    Ready to look younger?
    Dr. Jay Appurao offers you excellent skills in facial surgery such as QuickLift, brow lifts or eyelid lifts can restore a more youthful look.

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As a Cosmetic Surgery Center in Lafayette, Louisiana, we are able to help you achieve a Beauty that is unique to you. Our Surgeon, Dr. Jay Appurao. MD. FACS., is Board Certified in General Surgery and has been practicing General surgery in Louisiana for the last 32 years.  He is also a Fellow of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and has been doing Cosmetic Surgery since year 2000.

Jay Appurao MD is a well trained and experienced Cosmetic Surgeon.  He has brought his vision for a state of the art cosmetic surgery center to Lafayette.  We perform all our cosmetic surgeries at La Belle Center for Cosmetic Surgery, which is a free standing facility fully accredited by Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) This is a modern facility, built with a very pleasing and soothing atmosphere to enhance the patient’s cosmetic surgical experience. We also have all the necessary equipments, including Lasers, and skills to handle all the cosmetic surgical needs for performing surgery entirely under local anesthesia and sedation.

There is no denying that a beautiful body and face can make a statement without a word. Many of us are not as fortunate to have a beautiful appearance, and are not able to project our beautiful inner self without a word, especially as a first impression. Today people do not just want to be healthy and fit, but also attractive! However, as the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!” and there are no standards to measure.



 Dr. Jay Appurao offers procedures like;





Breast Augmentation

 Many women wish to improve the size and/or shape of their breasts.  You can view our breast augmentation before and after photos to see the amazing results we can achieve at La Belle Center for Cosmetic SurgeryBreast augmentation is only one of several cosmetic breast surgery procedures we offer.  We also offer breast reduction, breast lift and even male breast reduction surgery, which is increasing in popularity.    For more information on our cosmetic breast surgery procedures (breast enhancement, breast lift and augmentation, breast reduction and male breast reduction), please feel free to contact Dr. Jay Appurao for a consultation.



Face Lift Procedures

In many cases, people associate youth with beauty.  Our facelift procedures can roll back the clock, presenting a more youthful looking self.   This can be achieved with a number of cosmetic surgical procedures such as eyelid lift surgery (both upper eyelid surgery and lower eyelid surgery), endoscopic brow lift surgery and/or neck lift surgery.   We also offer a facelift procedure called QuickLift that is a very successful facelift procedureQuicklift is a lot less invasive compared to standard facelift surgery.



After Massive Weight Loss Surgery

Due to the fact that numerous scientific developments have happened in recent years that make all forms of cosmetic surgery safer, less invasive, and more affordable; the demand for these procedures have gone up in demand for both women and men. The recent popularity of weight reduction surgery has also increased the demand for newer cosmetic surgical procedures as never before. Weight reduction surgery is a procedure that Dr. Jay Appurao is highly qualified to perform.

At La Belle Center for Cosmetic Surgery safety is our primary concern. Our conservative approach and avoidance of general anesthesia contribute significantly to a higher level of safety while striving to produce very good and pleasing results.

Please feel free to look into our ‘before and after’ pictures, and visit our facility anytime for a tour and, if you desire, get a complementary consultation!

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La Belle Center for Cosmetic Surgery

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La Belle Center for Cosmetic Surgery

4906 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy
Building M, Suite 1
Lafayette, La 70508
Phone: (337) 247-9776