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Our Facility

La Belle Center for Cosmetic surgery is an outpatient surgical facility dedicated to advancing the surgical arts of achieving a beautiful face and body!

The La Belle building was completed in December 2008, and our business has continued to offer the latest in cosmetic products and procedures. We are located in the heart of the most recent and modern business center at Building M, Suite 1, of the Cordoba Complex, at 4906, Ambassador Caffery Pkwy in Lafayette, La.

Our consultation rooms are comfortable, properly equipped, and decorated with paintings by our surgeon, Dr. Jay. Dr. Jay is personally consulting with every visit.

We have two major and two minor operating suites, and recovery rooms to complement it. La Belle goes above and beyond to provide Lafayette, Louisiana, and the surrounding communities with the most safe and up-to-date technologies in cosmetic surgery.

Privacy is also one of our main goals, and our facility is designed to facilitate a sense of security and comfort. Our patients are guaranteed the utmost of discretion from the moment they walk through our doors. Here at La Belle, the unique one-on-one service we provide makes it a very personal, unique experience for each patient.

The Experience


Cosmetic surgical methods are rapidly evolving today, thanks to wonderful new technologies, not available a few years ago! Because of the advancements in technologies, we are able to perform many procedures with local anesthesia and sedation. This less invasive manner of performing sophisticated surgery eliminates the need for a hospital stay. In fact almost 90% of all cosmetic surgical procedures in our facility are performed under local anesthesia and sedation.

As a consequence of this, we are able to perform all the procedures as a walk in and walk out procedure. On rare occasion, we may need to use general anesthesia and may do our procedure in the operating room at Lafayette Surgical Speciality Hospital. This, however, is an extremely rare occurrence.

We take a very conservative approach to increase the level of safety, which is our utmost concern at all times. We value your safety and comfort, which are of utmost importance to us.


Here at La Belle Center for Cosmetic Surgery, the cost of a unique procedure depends incredibly on individual need. We take pride in being highly competitive, and fair in our approach to giving our patients the best cosmetic surgery experience. When a patient comes in for a complimentary consultation experience, they are able to leave with the complete, all-inclusive cost of their unique procedure.

We accept cash, all major credit cards, and Care Credit as financing options. Unfortunately, as all of our surgeries are considered elective procedures, we do not accept insurance.

La Belle is no longer accepting new patient consultations, as Dr. Jay has announced his retirement from Cosmetic Surgery. La Belle will be open for current patient's follow-ups until the end of September 2022. Please call the office before this date to be scheduled.