Beautifully Brave: How to Organize your Bathroom to Feel Sexier

Beautifully Brave: How to Organize your Bathroom to Feel Sexier

The truth is that women often need that extra push to feel beautiful and sexy, and an environment that can help us with that is a carefully planned bathroom. We’ve all been there, having a great day until the moment we walk into our bathroom and glance in the mirror. Or, being determined to surprise our significant other with a sexy new look, but not having the confidence to back it up. Although most of us use that particular living space for a quick morning shower, or as a hideout from the kids, not many take the time and effort to transform the bathroom into a space that can help us to feel sexier, either for our partner, or simply for ourselves. In this article, we will provide tips for creating the perfect sexy bathroom for a sexier new you!



1. Dim the Lights – Let’s face it, there is a need for bright overhead lighting, especially when we are trying to find those blackheads. However, you don’t have to be alerted to every single imperfection on your body, especially when you are trying to put yourself in a sexy mood. This is why it is helpful to install a light dimmer to control the amount of light you need in your bathroom. If you want to change into a sexy teddy, create subtle lighting to be more comfortable with what you see.



2. Purchase a Vanity – Most women don’t have the time or even a dedicated space to help them feel sexy. Most of us hunch over the bathroom sink when trying to put on makeup, or jump around dirty clothes to curl our hair. A solution to this is installing or purchasing a vanity where you can focus on doing your hair and makeup to boost your self-confidence and feel glamorous.




3. Install a New Showerhead – If you have a showerhead that is older than you are, you are missing out! Modern showerheads can truly put you in the right mood with their amazing features. Whether you want to relax after a stressful day with a massaging showerhead, or feel the excitement of getting caught in the rain with the rain feature, these easy upgrades can be just the thing to make you feel sexier. Another twist is to install dual showerheads, which can spice up any relationship by allowing you and a special someone to get wet together.



4. Spice Up the Color – Do you feel like you are entering your doctor’s office every time you walk into your bathroom? Most bathrooms are bright white, the least of all romantic colors. Why not pick a bright and bold color to rev up your engines? If you are not that bold, try painting one wall, which can still bring out your wild side without the commitment of a huge change.



5. Turn Up the Music – If the sound of Marvin Gaye’s, “Let’s Get It On” is not your thing, perhaps LL Cool J’s “Doin’ It” is. Whatever your musical taste may be, there is nothing like jamming to your favorite beat to put you in the naughty mood. Purchase an inexpensive wireless speaker to blast your favorite tunes; there are even shower radios that can help you to get your mind, as well as your body, ready for a romantic night.

Be beatifically brave by utilizing these five organization tips to create a sexier bathroom for a sexier you!

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