Beautifully Brave: The Correlation between Appearance & Self-Esteem

Beautifully Brave: The Correlation between Appearance & Self-Esteem

Do you ever notice how when you believe you look good, you end up having a great day? On the other hand, when you know you’re not looking your best, that can ruin your day? Our self-esteem, our evaluation of all our own qualities, can depend on various attributes, such as our success, friendships, intelligence, etc. However, one of the biggest determinants of our self-esteem is our appearance and our body image.

Our appearance affects our self-esteem.

Science has backed up this belief; Psychology Today states that many “women do not feel good about their appearance. This disconnect can be attributed, at least in part, to concerns about body image.” Women tend to be much more concerned about their appearance, and how they appear to others, than men. Their body image can play a big role in how they see and define themselves, which, in turns, controls self-esteem levels. The 2000 issue of Reclaiming Children and Youth reports that appearance becomes linked to self-esteem early on, in adolescence.

Changing the perception of your body image.

In today’s society, youth, thinness and good looks are much more valued than their alternatives. It can be very frustrating for regular-size females to constantly see 90-pound, teenage-looking models on television and in magazines. The truth is that photos of these women, even though they look pretty close to perfect, end up being retouched before released to the general public. However, unlike Kim Kardashian West, most of us regular folks don’t have a photoshopper on hand to retouch our daily images. Therefore, we have to make do with what we have… or do we?

Improving your appearance & self-esteem

Since it has been scientifically proven that our self-esteem is largely based on how we see ourselves, why not change that perception? Everyday day, women do just that by carefully selecting what they wear; a common phrase heard in every clothing store in America is, “Does this make me look fat?” We also adjust our hairstyles, makeup and even tan to make ourselves look and feel better.

Improving your appearance can help you feel better about yourself. And if you feel better about yourself, you’ll have higher self-esteem & project yourself better in relationships, work place, and other areas of your life. Improving your appearance should always be for you, no one else.



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