Brazilian Butt Lift

One of the cosmetic procedures becoming rapidly popular is the Brazilian Butt Lift. For various reasons women may not have a well contoured buttocks, which may be congenital, genetic, or due to excessive or inadequate fat deposits. What is considered to be a beautiful butt can vary according to cultural differences. Slight differences in the location of fat in and around the butt can make a stunning difference!

This is ideally done during a liposuctioning when we get adequate amounts of fat that can be harvested and transferred into the Gluteal area and or the Gluteus Maximus muscles or both, to obtain a pleasing contour. We maximize the success rate of the fat transfer by removing the destructive fatty oil, and separate nearly pure fat and inject into the fat around the buttocks in droplets. This technique which is well standardized allows nearly 70% of the fat to survive.

New Technique for Brazilian Butt Lifts

One of the newest techniques available to further increase the survival of fat to nearly 80- 90% involves an addition that is called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to the injected fat. It is well known that Platelets carry several Platelet Derived Growth Factors (PDGF) in nature, that are the first line elements that stimulate growth in tissues when injured. The PDGF rapidly repair any injury, increase formation of new blood vessels, fight noxious stimuli, create new collagen matrix and even recruit Patients own Stem Cells that are responsible for reproducing the correct type of cells needed automatically!! At our facility we frequently perform PRP injection with the fat for the best possible results.

Another less common way of augmenting the buttocks is to place implants. In these patients we implant a Silicone Gluteal Implants (Butt Implants) in the buttocks resulting in the best results. After consulting with your physician, a decision can be made for the adequate technique for you.  Once again all of this is performed safely under local anesthesia and sedation in our facility.

Photo Gallery of Brazilian Butt Lift Results

brazilian butt lift in lafayette la
before and after of brazilian butt lift in lafayette la