Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. Most women (and Men) associate ample breasts with femininity and sexiness. If you are unhappy with your breast size, breast augmentation can greatly improve your self-confidence. It can be used to correct volume loss , involution after pregnancy, to balance breast size asymmetries and sometimes as a reconstructive technique following other breast surgery.

We perform breast augmentation under deep sedation and local anesthesia for patients on an outpatient basis, basically a walk in-walk out procedure.

Every person is different from any other person, and the results should never be compared closely to any other person who may have had breast implants! And that is why Cosmetic Breast surgery should not be considered without detailed consultation with your cosmetic surgeon. Following an examination and the discussion of your objectives, your doctor will outline your options.

There are basically two types of FDA-approved implants that offer different qualities:

  • Saline implants are the most commonly used implants in USA today. These are introduced into the breasts as empty shells and filled with saline.
  • Silicone implants have recently been Approved by the FDA as safe and are rapidly regaining popularity. Silicone implants have been used all over the world for a long time and have been thoroughly studied. Unlike the past Silicone implants,the newer Silicone Gel implants do not contain ‘liquid’ silicone. The new ‘Cohesive Silicone Gel’ Implants are filled with GEL that does not leak like liquid and thus significantly reduce the leak related complications!
  • Even newer implants such as highly cohesive gel implants, “Gummy Bear”, are being introduced into the market which have not received wide acceptance yet.

These implants are available in Moderate, Moderate Plus and Ultra High profile sizes, for each measurement. Your doctor will help you choose a size that is appropriate for your goals. Choosing an implant size is based on many factors including the current breast size, desired size and projection, sagginess, elasticity of the skin and more. However, the most important aspect of it is the measurements your doctor is going to take! It is not a matter of choosing a bra-size. This is why it is important to make this decision with your doctor using proper sizing techniques for a total evaluation.

Smooth Round implants are the most commonly used implants. On occasion your doctor may recommend a Tear Drop Shaped Implant or Textured Implants based on special needs.

Breast implants may be placed in different locations in relation to the Pectoral muscle, which is deep to the breasts. The implants may be placed :

  • Under the muscle (sub-pectoral). This is the most common method used in USA
  • Over the muscle but deep to the gland (sub-glandular)
  • Or over the muscle but deep to the thick layer of tissue (Fascia) covering the muscle (Sub-Fascial) This is one of the newer techniques that is designed to avoid the issues and complications of placing the implants under the muscles.

The way your doctor places your implant will be affected by your anatomy, the size and shape of the implant chosen, and your goals.

There are basically four choices for incisions. Again, the factors affecting this choice will be your anatomy, your goals, and the size and type of implant chosen.

Your doctor can place the Incision (scar)

  • Under the breast (Infra-Mammary)
  • around the bottom of the Areola (Sub-Areolar)
  • through the armpit (Trans-Axillary)

Each type of incision has its advantages and disadvantages and it is best to discuss the types of incision during your consultation with your doctor.

Patients can usually return to light activity within two to three days after surgery. Full activity can be resumed within two to three weeks, but activities that entail vigorous bouncing should be avoided for six weeks to three months.

Breast Augmentation is as much of an Art as it is a Science. That is why you should not base your decision to have breast augmentation from the results of your friend! You should not have breast augmentation without a thorough understanding of the implications and complications, during consultation with your surgeon!

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a common procedure which we perform for women with large breasts that cause discomfort or who are self-conscious about their breast size. Some women have serious consequences such as back pain shoulder pain, under the breast infections, altered stature causing difficulties in ambulation, etc., Most of all most women are embarrassed to be in public and are unable to camouflage their breast and unable to wear pretty dresses.

We perform breast reduction, usually under deep sedation and local Tumescent Anesthesia, on an outpatient basis at La Belle Center for Cosmetic Surgery. Some patients, however, may need General Anesthesia in a hospital setting because of extremely large size of the breasts.

In a breast reduction, your doctor reduces and reshapes the breast, making them smaller and more proportional to you body. This also includes a resizing and repositioning of the Areola and a removal of Excess Skin and Breast Tissues.

Your doctor’s goal for a breast reduction is to make the breasts appear identical and symmetrical. The final size of the reduced breasts is determined after swelling has gone down and this can take several months, in many cases. However, your doctor’s experience in creating properly sized and shaped reductions will guide the reduction process.

To make a breast reduction, it is necessary to make incisions around the nipples and the lower half of the breasts. This will cause three scars: around the nipple, a vertical scar running from the nipple to below the breast, and a scar beneath the breast.

As part of your consultation, your doctor will discuss with you the option of adding a breast implant to replace some volume needed to give your breast a more full or rounded shape in the more exposed parts of your breasts following reduction.
Patients can usually return to light activity within two to three days after surgery. Full activity can resume within two to three weeks, but activities that entail vigorous movement should be avoided for 12 weeks.

Breast reduction surgery may be one of the most personally satisfying operations for someone who has the problems of having very large and heavy breasts.

Breast lift (Mastopexy)

Breast Lift surgery, or Mastopexy, restores a more youthful appearance to a woman’s sagging breasts. Over the years, breasts can lose their shape and firmness due to pregnancy, nursing and loss of skin elasticity, causing them to sag. Mastopexy will raise and reshape the breasts, slowing the effects of aging and gravity. This procedure can reduce the size of the Areola (the darker circle of skin surrounding the nipple).

Mastopexy may be performed in conjunction with breast augmentation (implants) to increase breast firmness and size. This may appeal to women who have lost breast volume after pregnancy. Pregnancy and nursing often result in stretched skin and therefore, a decrease in volume.
As with all cosmetic surgery, Realistic Expectations and Emotional Stability are the keys to total satisfaction.

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