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Dr. Jay Appurao, more commonly known as Dr. Jay, is devoted to creating a uniquely personalized experience when meeting patients. He believes that this is the most important detail in helping his patients achieve their unique aesthetic goals.

Dr. Jay is originally from India. While there, he graduated from Medical School with high honors and completed his Masters in Surgery. In 1975, Dr. Jay and his wife, Dr. Vijaya Jayagopal who is an Anesthesiologist MD, immigrated to New York where he completed five years of General Surgery residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. In 1981, Dr. Jay and his family moved to Louisiana where he has been practicing General Surgery ever since.

In 2000, he began accumulating the extensive training needed to practice Cosmetic Surgery and now has over 700 hours of hands on and didactic training in Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Jay had a vision of bringing a state-of-the-art outpatient, free-standing, all-inclusive Cosmetic Surgery practice to Lafayette, and in 2008 he opened La Belle Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Lafayette, LA. Since its opening, Dr. Jay has preformed more than 2000 cases of cosmetic surgical procedures.

Besides his medical career, Dr. Jay is very passionate about painting and photography. He has created over 150 paintings and drawings; many of which adorn the walls of our office! He travels extensively and enjoys photographing the scenery and the local people of the places he visits to use as subjects for his artwork. He uses both his surgical and artistic skills to help his patients achieve a sense of beauty that is uniquely theirs!

La Belle is no longer accepting new patient consultations, as Dr. Jay has announced his retirement from Cosmetic Surgery. La Belle will be open for current patient's follow-ups until the end of September 2022. Please call the office before this date to be scheduled.