How Far Would You Travel for Cosmetic Surgery?


How Far Would You Travel for Cosmetic Surgery?

Today’s hectic world makes convenience a major factor in most people’s decisions. We like to have brunch at a local restaurant, frequent hair salons in the vicinity of our neighborhood, and enroll our children in schools within a few miles of our house. However, one decision that convenience should not play a role in is the medical practice you choose for your cosmetic surgery.

LaBelle Center for Cosmetic Surgery, for example, services many patients who live in the Lafayette area, yet they see plenty of individuals from the entire Louisiana state, as well as several neighboring states. Patients drive to us from all over because of our reputation and trustworthiness.

Factors to Consider When Picking a Cosmetic Surgery Center

Distance should not be a factor in deciding how far you would go for cosmetic surgery, instead individuals should consider the following when choosing a cosmetic surgeon:

Reputation – The first thing that should be evaluated when deciding on a cosmetic surgeon is their reputation. First, ask for personal referrals from friends, family members and colleagues that can offer insights from real-life experiences. If your neighbor just had eyelid surgery, and has positive things to say about the procedure, that is a good reason to consider that particular medical practice. Another way to judge the reputation of a cosmetic surgery center is to read online reviews. Websites such as Yelp and Google+, as well as social media websites like Facebook, can provide reviews from people who received cosmetic surgery from a particular doctor. Reading the reviews or testimonials section on a website can provide you with knowledge about what your experience with a cosmetic surgeon’s office may be like.

Credentials – After narrowing down on your top surgery center, you must make sure to check the credentials of the doctor who would be performing your surgery. It is vital that in order to achieve proper results, you verify that the doctor is board-certified in plastic surgery. Any doctor with a medical license can perform cosmetic surgery by law; however, Louisiana has a Truth-In-Advertising standard, which requires doctors to be clear about their specialty to patients. Make sure the doctor has a certificate in plastic surgery from The American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Price – Another factor to consider when deciding how far to drive for cosmetic surgery is price. Metropolitan cities typically have higher rates for cosmetic procedures, and driving a few hundred miles can result in significant savings. Calling cosmetic surgery centers, going in for a consultation, and then getting quotes for the procedure you want is beneficial & can help you save money.

Availability – Meeting potential cosmetic surgeons and interviewing them about their availability is an important part of making your decision. You want to pick a doctor that will be available to you immediately after, as well as weeks or months after your procedure, in case you have questions, issues or complications. You should pick a doctor that is available after hours in case you have an emergency, and one that would be able to help you even when the office is closed. Be weary of a surgery center where you don’t get to talk to the doctor the day of your consultation.

Connection – Finally, meeting the cosmetic surgeon in person is beneficial in determining a connection between yourself and the doctor. You can see if the doctor is too aggressive, or upsells services to make more money. Or, if he is kind, caring, and takes his or her time addressing your questions and concerns. It is important to pick a cosmetic surgeon you trust to work on your body.

When determining how far to drive for a cosmetic procedure, don’t just pick the closest doctor to you. Instead, evaluate the five factors in this article prior to making your decision.