How to Upgrade Your Bedroom to Turn Up the Romance

How to Upgrade Your Bedroom to Turn Up the Romance

How to Upgrade Your Bedroom to Turn Up the Romance

Whether you recently met a special someone or have been married for a while and want to turn up the romance, keep in mind that the ambiance around you can control your, and your partner’s, mood. If you can’t get away to a hotel room every time you want to be intimate, simply upgrade your bedroom to upgrade the romance that happens inside of it. In this article, we will provide five tips on making these changes without breaking the bank.


Did you know that certain colors could set the mood for romance? While red is most well known color for passion, there are other options to consider. Pink, purple, caramel, cream and even black are better suited for other couples. You don’t have to commit to one color for your entire master bedroom, instead, you can add touches of it, or paint just a wall or two.

Get Rid of Technology

As crazy as this sounds, consider removing all technology out of your bedroom. Binge watching episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta is fun, but it can get in the way of your private time with your partner. Participants in a Durham University study reported that smartphones interfered with social time at home, and even delayed sex, as one or both parties would text or play games on the phone. To ramp up the romance, leave your phone charging in the living room, and keep the TV there too. Make your bedroom a special place where you sleep and spend one-on-one time with your significant other without any distractions.

Change the Sheets

If you are still sleeping on old flannel sheets from your college dorm room, consider upgrading your sheets. Make your bed inviting and comfortable with soft sheets; some popular choices include high-thread Egyptian cotton or even silk! Consider the color too; while red may increase your libido for a time or two, do you want to commit on sleeping on red sheets? Consider purchasing white or cream instead, and replicate the luxuriousness of expensive hotel bedding to make sure you and your partner never want to leave your bed.

Think About Your Lighting Choices

Bright white hospital lights will probably not put you in the mood, but pitch darkness can also make things awkward. Consider the lights in your bedroom, and how you can change them to create a more romantic space. Installing a dimmer switch to lower the lights can be a great option, as well as using flicker flame bulbs to recreate the feel of making love to candlelight. In fact, why not go for the real thing, and purchase a candle chandelier?

Add a Pleasant Smell

Smell is one of our five senses, and it can play a big role in setting the right atmosphere for romance. “Scent is so important that Dr. Alan Hirsch, director of the Smell and Taste Research Foundation, says, ‘Your first impression is to a large degree based on smell,’ reports ‘So we talk about love at first sight, we really should be talking about love at first sniff.’”

Purchasing scented candles can create the perfect mood lighting, as well as fill the room with a sexy scent. Popular choices include vanilla, jasmine and lavender. As well, why not leave a reminder to your significant other by spraying your favorite perfume around the room?

We may not be able to afford putting in a hot tub into our master bedroom, but we can still make small changes to make our love loves hot and heavy. Use the five tips in this article to make changes in your private life.