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So helpful and understanding of my condition! Felt good to have someone so knowledgable give me advice on skin care! – Mary M.

Micah is very nice and easy to work with. Everyone including Dr. Jay is very nice and informative. I would highly recommend your services to anyone I know

I love the staff and how they approach you and talk to you as a person not a paycheck. I would def recommend to friends and family to go here. – Victoria V.

I just want to say thank you for being so helpful before and after my surgery. You guys made me feel at ease, and that meant a lot. – A. Toscas


A beautiful smile can accomplish many things without speaking a word, and full lips can enhance any smile! There are several different procedures and techniques to achieve fuller lips, and we have many options for you to choose from. Lip enhancement can be performed both surgically and non-surgically to fit your schedule and needs.


For patients seeking an immediate improvement with minimal to no downtime, a non-surgical lip enhancement procedure is available. This typically involves an injection of a soft tissue filler to plump the lips with topical or local anesthesia. Many patients return to work or their regular activities immediately following the injections and results are immediate. The most commonly used fillers provide results that generally last three to six months. The most common problems are bruising and swelling that subsides within a few days.


Liquid silicone injections are a permanent lip enhancement option. Contrary to popular belief, reaction to silicone is extremely rare. The advantage is that the lips can move very naturally, unlike implants.

Fat can be transferred using fat harvested during liposuction. However, 30-60% of the fat transferred may not survive and the procedure often needs to be repeated to achieve the correct result.


Belotero®, Restylane®, Juvederm®, and similar products are being introduced in the market rapidly. They last anywhere between four to five months and need to be repeated. These products stimulate the natural production of collagen which shapes the lips.


Advanta implant involves the placement of permanent implants in the lips to create fuller lips. The implant is made up of e-PTFE, more commonly known as GORETEX, which has been used medically for years with excellent results. Implant procedures can be performed entirely under local anesthesia. Some patients may request sedation.

Recently soft, solid, pre-shaped silicone implants are available (Surgi-sil), which can be implanted like the Advanta implant. These implants generally have a more natural appearance than other types of implants.

Patients typically have swelling that takes about four to six days to subside. Bruising is uncommon but can take about 10-14 days to resolve. Makeup can be used to camouflage any bruising.

One of the major drawbacks to using lip implants is that in some patients, because of the thinness of tissues, the implant may be palpable to the patient. However, this has rarely been a cause for concern and usually dissipates as time progresses.

Lip Enhancements Procedure Information

Beautiful lips are an essential part of an attractive face. A beautiful smile can accomplish many things without speaking a word! Lip enhancement can be performed both surgically and non-surgically.

La Belle is no longer accepting new patient consultations, as Dr. Jay has announced his retirement from Cosmetic Surgery. La Belle will be open for current patient's follow-ups until the end of September 2022. Please call the office before this date to be scheduled.