Our Staff

Amber Tomino is the office manager at La Belle Center for Cosmetic Surgery. Right out of high school Amber attended the Aveda Institute here in Lafayette. She has been a licensed Esthetician for about seven years now. Just starting out in her new career, you may notice her little voice on the other side of the phone. “Even though I have just started here my new bosses are like my family and they make me feel like I belong.” Amber is known for her people friendly skills and always making every patient who walks through our doors right at home. Some patients think of her as “ the bear hug of the office.” Aside from her professional skills, Amber, also has a big heart. She, like Micah, also has a love for animals! “I have 7 animals, of course not all in the house…. it’s a bit much at times but I literally can not leave an animal on the side of the road! I have two outside puppies (Lindsay and Lucy) who are practically twins but were rescued at different times, three cats (Kitty, Cooper, and Piper) who were also rescues, two of which are outside most of the day, and two inside puppies (Charlie and Graham) who were mine from birth. I love all my fur babies!”

Curtis L. Sanford, II, CRNA, DNAP
Curtis Sanford is a doctorally-prepared certified registered nurse anesthetist with 11 years of experience. He earned his masters and doctoral degrees from Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Texas, and did his clinical anesthesia residency through the University of Cincinnati Hospital System in northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio. His anesthesia interests are in regional anesthesia and in-office anesthesia techniques. He is published in anesthesia journals and frequently lectures through the University of Louisiana Lafayette.

Curtis is a self-proclaimed expert in the “drip” technique of anesthesia. Care should be taken not to confuse this with the “drip-drip-drip” technique. He perfected this method of anesthesia delivery under the tutelage of Dr. Jay Appuro, the play-calling quarterback surgeon, while at Labelle Cosmetics in Lafayette, Louisiana. When he isn’t rendering patients and his wife unconscious with pharmacotherapy and stories of his high school baseball days, respectively, Curtis enjoys playing with his children, getting drunk on fine wine with the Labelle staff, and listening to Dr. Jay’s bad jokes…..when he can understand them.