Recovery Tips After a Breast Augmentation

Recovery Tips After a Breast Augmentation

Recovery Tips After a Breast Augmentation

The anticipation of having a breast augmentation can be overwhelming and exciting all at once. This popular procedure has boosted the confidence of many women and can have a relatively quick recovery time, but taking care of your body post-procedure is a crucial step in the process. The team at La Belle wants every patient to have the best experience possible, but you can also help yourself get the best results by following these tips (along with your post-procedure instructions) for a safe and healthy recovery after a breast augmentation.

*All recovery tips are subject to the individual patients. We talk about each patient individually & how they can recover.

1. Lift with care. A breast augmentation procedure has many variables that a patient and physician chose for a desired effect: size, shape, and placement of the implant just to name a few. But all breast augmentations will require clients to take caution when lifting anything immediately after the procedure. Even a gallon of milk may be too heavy for that first week post-procedure, so it will be important to think ahead of what you normally lift on a day-to-day basis and plan accordingly to make your recovery period comfortable. This is especially true if you have small children at home who are used to being picked up. You may need an extra hand to help with the kids or with chores around the house during the first week or so.

2. Stop smoking. It’s common knowledge that nicotine and smoking are unhealthy habits, but what many breast augmentation candidates don’t realize is that nicotine can be especially harmful for them because nicotine restricts blood flow, which is crucial to your healing process. Smoking and e-cigarettes can put you at a higher risk of infection and can seriously delay the recovery time, so if you’re a smoker now, you will need to be a non-smoker by the time your surgery comes. Your entire body will thank you.

3. Reduce the appearance of scars. If you frequent tanning beds or otherwise soak up the sun, you will need to take a break from those activities after your procedure because direct sunlight (or UVA/UVB rays) on your incision areas will noticeably increase the visibility of the scars and can damage your delicate skin. Over time the scars will fade into thin, barely noticeable lines, but only with the proper care.

4. Talk medication. You should discuss any medication, vitamins, or herbal supplements that you take regularly (even Advil) to avoid any complications. Some medications, like anti-coagulants, can interfere with the healing process. Medications should be helping your body recover, not hurt it, so please be sure to disclose any and all medications for your best recovery.

5. Delay your bra-shopping spree. The team at La Belle knows your excitement to buy new bras after your surgery is an important part of celebrating your new body, but you should consider resisting that urge until at least a month or two after your procedure. Why is that? Well, your final results of your breast augmentation will only be apparent after all swelling is gone. This can take some time, but trust us, it will be worth the wait to have a new collection of bras that fit your beautiful figure.