What Interest Rate & Term Can You Expect on a Financed Cosmetic Surgery?

What Interest Rate & Term Can You Expect on a Financed Cosmetic Surgery?


One of the biggest reasons that prevent individuals from getting cosmetic surgery is the belief that they cannot afford it. The good news is that many cosmetic surgery centers, including La Belle Center for Cosmetic Surgery, provide options to finance the treatment instead of having to pay for the entire procedure upfront. This can make all the difference in helping people to actively do something to improve their appearance, and in turn, raise their self-esteem levels. In this article, we will discuss what interest rate and term a person who is considering financing a cosmetic surgery may expect.

How Can You Pay for Cosmetic Surgery?

It is important that anyone considering cosmetic surgery research his or her financial obligations for the procedure prior to committing to it. For example, La Belle Center for Cosmetic Surgery provides a free consultation session where, in addition to discussing the type of surgery each client prefers; he or she would leave with a complete breakdown of the costs of each procedure.

Individuals should ask what type of payment options are available to them; La Belle, for example, accepts cash, credit cards and CareCredit, a healthcare financing credit card. CareCredit helps people to finance procedures for health and beauty needs. As long as the doctor accepts this card, the person getting the surgery can choose to pay for that procedure upfront, or break the cost down into affordable monthly payments. CareCard offers promotional financing options that allow eligible borrowers the option of interest-free financing if the balance is paid off within 6-24 months.

What Determines the Rate and Term of Financing Cosmetic Surgery?

There are several factors that determine the rate and term of a financed cosmetic surgery, such as your credit score, total household income, debt to income ratio, as well as the amount you are attempting to finance. Those with the highest income, lowest debt and best credit card will likely be able to get the best interest rate.

What Pay-Off Options Does CareCredit Provide?

For example, an individual who wanted to finance a $5,000 procedure through CareCredit would have two options.

Option 1:

Those who qualify, may be eligible to receive interest-free financing at the following minimum monthly payments:

  • $834 per month for six months
  • $417 per month for 12 months
  • $278 per month for 16 months


If the balance is not paid off during the promotional period, an interest rate of 26.99% will be applied to the sum starting from the purchase date.

Option 2:

Those who qualify may borrow the $5,000 at a 14.90% interest rate until the balance is paid off in full. The amount may be repaid at the following minimum monthly rates:

  • $243 per month for 24 months
  • $174 per month for 36 months
  • $139 per month for 48 months
  • $119 per month for 60 months


CareCredit provides a helpful Payment Calculator where individuals interested in a cosmetic procedure can estimate monthly payments and interest rates.

Price should not be the main factor that determines whether you can get a cosmetic surgery procedure. Furthermore, you should not skimp on an experienced and skillful surgeon because you may not be able to afford their services. Financing a cosmetic surgery can help you to achieve your dream look without breaking the bank.